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I am based in Memphis, TN, very near to the University of Memphis. I have been breeding bunnies for over 15 years. I am currently only breeding Mini-rex and English Spots but have also dabbled in other breeds over the years; during which time I have bred a variety of breeds from New Zealand to Holland Lops to Lionheads and more. All of the bunnies I breed are of the highest pet quality (Only my English Spot lines are pedigreed). I breed for both unique and beautiful coloration and also for a gentle and calm disposition. Although, some of the bunnies may be show quality, I do not personally show and will not make any assessments how they will do in show.

I start all of my bunnies on litter training and handle them daily. They are socialized around kids and other animals so that when my bunnies go out for adoption they are sweet, social, and completely ready for their new, loving home. For information about how to contact me and what you need before welcoming a bunny into your home, please check out the “Adopting a bunny” tab.

*Rabbitry registered with the ARBA.

Update: I will be adding pedigreed Holland lops soon. Check out my girl and my new boy. Breeding will take place next spring (2018)


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  1. For some extra details in daily care you can visit the suggested reference sites on the Adoption policy page. Basically, rabbits need daily feeding, watering, and attention and need their litter changed every few days. They are relatively easy to care for. The bunnies I have are very sweet and interactive. If I am to describe their intelligence, I would have to say, certainly not as smart as a cat or dog, but a step above a guinea pig. Let me know if you have more questions. At this point I potentially have homes lined up for 1 or 2 of the rabbits which will leave me with just one until the next litter in October.


  2. As much as I would love for you to have rats, I would definitely have to say that a garage is not a good place. Not only is a garage going to be too hot but it also doesn’t have enough light and rats need to be around people not isolated.


    • Hi! It is really good to hear from you. If you wouldn’t mind please give me a call or text me at (901) 351-8420. I am going to be available today from 5-6pm and after 8 for an event but I do respond back to texts and voicemails.


  3. How are you, Bethany!! Sounds like your business is coming right along! Would you please remind me of the name of the mixed color pattern bunny? I can’t remember that word for the life of me!!

    Thanks, Bethany! I trust all is well with you!


  4. Bethany, I have a beautiful palomino and a harlequin that need a good home as we are moving. Might you be interested? These are such good bunnies.


  5. Hey Bethany, I am thinking of getting my son a bunny for Christmas. I want to take him somewhere to play them and make sure it is something he wants because he loves animals. The problem i am having is, there aren’t really any rescues or anything near here that i have found. I happened to run across you and was hoping you would be able to help or point me in the right direction! Lets just say the one i found that i fell in love with is all the way in Rochester, NY! haha Anything would help at this point!
    Thank you in advance!


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