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I am based in Memphis, TN, near Hwy 385 and Riverdale. I have been breeding bunnies for over 18 years. I am currently only breeding Mini Rex, Holland Lops, English Spots and Continental Giants but have also dabbled in other breeds over the years; during which time I have bred a variety of breeds from New Zealand to Lionheads and more. All of the bunnies I breed are of the highest pet/brood quality (95% of the bunnies we produce are pedigreed but I can not promise how they would show). I breed for both unique and beautiful coloration and also for a gentle and calm disposition. Although, some of the bunnies may be show quality and have been shown and placed high by other breeders, I do not personally show and will not make any assessments how they will do in show.

I start all of my bunnies on litter training and handle them daily. They are socialized around kids and other animals so that when my bunnies go out for adoption they are sweet, social, and completely ready for their new, loving home. For information about how to contact me and what you need before welcoming a bunny into your home, please check out the “Adopting a bunny” tab.

ATTENTION: We are a closed rabbitry. What this means for you guys is that we do not allow people to meet the bunnies before pickup. We also do not do tours of our rabbitry. All of the bunnies will be super sweet so there are no worries of anyone getting a bunny they don’t click with. This ensures that the bunnies (and parents) stay safe and healthy. But we do allow (and encourage) people to come visit our foster rabbits in person.

*Rabbitry registered with the ARBA.

-Our waiting list for Holland lop bunnies in Summer is full. We will not have any more available until FAll.

Update: Coming this year! Our really close friends at Lunar Rabbitry and we are teaming up to bring MINI PLUSH LOPS to Memphis. This breed will be incredible and we will even be handling the spay/neuter of these babies so you don’t have to.


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    • We are located in East Memphis, right by the University of Memphis. Unfortunately at this time we are not accepting fosters. We are stretched to the limit of our capacity right now. It is possible that once we have adopted out three or four more we may be in a position to take him but I could not tell you a time scale because it can be extremely variable. We could have a bunch of adoptions next week or it could be the end of December or beginning of January before we would have room.


    • My 11 year old rabbit had passed about 3 weeks ago and I also have a 4 year old female that I had rescued and now I’m looking for a forever friend for her. I would love to rescue another female if possible around her age or older please?


      • HI! I am so sorry for your loss. Many people don’t understand how much rabbits can be a part of our family. Unfortunately we do not take in senior rabbits. We do sometimes make exceptions but in general most of our rescues are on the younger side anyways. If you look at our “For Sale” tab, you will see all of the rabbits we have available. That being said, bonding adult rabbits is typically a very involved process so please do quite a bit of research first. Just because your other two got along, doesn’t mean that your current rabbit will accept a new pal. You would have to understand that rabbits can take weeks of slow introduction and there is always the small chance that they just don’t get along and would have to be kept in separate cages. Any rabbit that you would want to adopt would need to be fixed before introductions begin. Spay Memphis will do this for jut $60 which is really reasonable. But a rabbit with unchecked hormones is not likely to respond well to a new rabbit. If you have any questions, feel free to email me (or call). Most people suggest a bonded male/female pair (fixed of course). I have a bunch of information on bonding, under the Rabbit Care link found under the adoption tabs.


  1. I have an eight month old male light brown and white lop eared rabbit born March 31st. I’m looking to surrender him to anyone interested. I didn’t see a phone number or email address on this site to contact Bethany’s Bunnies. Do ya’ll have space for one more cute guy? Really don’t want to take him to the Animal Shelter if there is an organization or person who is interested in him. Let me know – thanks


    • To see the rabbits that we have available please check out our “For Sale” tab and for information on adoption please check out our “Adoption” tabs. Be sure to click the link for our Adoption Policies form. That is the form everyone fills out upon adoption.


  2. Hello, I am looking to adopt a bunny. I haven’t had a bunny since I was a lot younger, and I believe a bunny would be the perfect companion for me. I was advised to contact you, and I’m wondering what steps I need to take to make this happen. Thanks, Hanna Zachry


    • Hi! I am so glad you are interested in adding a sweet pet to your life. All of our adoption requirements and information can be found on the adoption tabs. We do require anyone looking to adopt, to do considerable research and have appropriate supplies and a decently sized cage ready prior to adoption. We won’t have any home-raised babies until mid-April but we do have some super sweet foster rabbits available and you can find more information by visiting the “For Sale” tab. Adopting an adult rabbit can be such a nice thing because the already have a developed personality so you know what you are getting and they have already been through puberty. Feel free to call or email to set up an appointment when you are prepared and you can come meet a couple of the foster rabbits to see if you fall in love with one.


  3. I had a English lops, it was my middle child’s pet his love. His name was Russia as he was a grey blue, the bunny would take a walk around the block and knock on our front door. He died of old age. And my son would live another Lops, his b day is in may so I am hopping u might have 1 available 4 may 11th.


    • Rabbits are such special pets! I am so sorry you guys lost yours. We do raise Holland Lops but our next litter would not be ready until mid-June. I am happy to add you to the waiting list if you are interested and he would be able to pick his out a couple of weeks after his birthday and then take it home a couple of weeks after that. Just an option but I understand if you do not want to wait. We do occasionally get lops that are fosters and I can keep you updated if any come in if you would like.


  4. Are the only bunnies you have available those listed on the planned litters tab? Or do you have other bunnies available as well?


    • Please check out the “For Sale” tab to see what we have currently available and for more information on how to reserve a bunny or adopt a foster, please check out our “Adoptions” tabs.


    • My best advise is to find a local wildlife rehabilitator if possible. If the babies are fully furred, 2+ weeks, you could likely find a safe place just outside of your yard to relocate them.


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